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Addiction and Crime

It is not a good idea to treat someone for an illness they do not have. In fact, it could be considered unethical. We have a successful model now in the professional health world for treating addiction as an illness. And if someone has that illness they should be diagnosed and treated. And there areRead More

Your Ultimate Guide to Combatting Opioid Addiction in the Workplace

Opioid addiction has impacted everyone in the United States, from children to parents, government agencies to employers and beyond. The costs of opioid addiction are detrimental; the American Society of Addiction Medicine estimates $10 billion in absenteeism and presenteeism losses for employers alone. Although healthcare policies are taking place to combat opioid addiction, it’s importantRead More

Where Can Executives Find Local Support for Addiction Recovery?

Addiction does not discriminate, and executives are not an exception to the rule. With increasing demands, pressure, and stress, many in upper-level management positions find themselves coping by abusing substances such as illicit drugs or alcohol. At first, this attempt to self-medicate may seem productive, as it may “relax” an individual or provide them withRead More

Is Work Addiction Harmful?

Addiction is any habit that you continue to do even though it brings harmful consequences to you. People who are addicted to work have a compulsive need to work all the time. He or she feels compelled to work more hours than normal. Special events or dates with loved ones are canceled due to theRead More

Vet’s Struggle With Mental Illness And Addiction

Being a veterinarian comes with the same pressure as being a surgeon. Precious, beloved lies are at stake, making the pressure level very high. Veterinarians face emotional exhaustion from their love of work, love of animals, and the emotions of people whose pets they are treating. Often, veterinarians work long hours, and have to dealRead More

What is a Behavior Addiction?

Every day, people engage in behaviors with different consequences. A behavior that is repeated without the ability to stop despite negative consequences can become an addiction. When an individual is hungry, he or she eats and stops when he or she is full. If the person continues to eat when he or she is notRead More

What are the Effects of a Gambling Addiction?

Some people enjoy going to the casino and playing the slot machines or betting on their favorite team to win the game. Gambling can be harmless when a person has the ability and control to know when to stop. Unfortunately, many people cannot stop and become addicted to gambling. Compulsive gambling leads to devastating problemsRead More

What is Drug and Alcohol Addiction Intervention?

When your loved one is addicted to drugs or alcohol, he or she can be in denial of their problem. Addiction to drugs or alcohol not only affects your loved one, but family, friends, and coworkers are impacted as well. His or her addiction increases their risk of developing serious health complications, overdose, or earlyRead More

How Does Alcohol Addiction Affect the Brain?

Alcohol affects the brain in the short term, but most of the effects of a night of heavy drinking disappear in a day or two. Prolonged heavy drinking, however, can cause longer lasting problems, some of them permanent. Addiction itself is the problem. It’s the condition that drastically increases the likelihood of all the otherRead More

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