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What Are The Signs Of A High-Functioning Personality Disorder?

Recently, we discussed the myth of the high-functioning personality disorder. The persuasive illusion can be dangerous, leading professionals down a perpetual path of denial. Though the debate is alive as to whether high-functioning personality disorder should be considered real, there are real signs that a professional in your workplace or your life may be livingRead More

Is There Such A Thing As A High-Functioning Personality Disorder?

Personality disorders and substance use disorders, more commonly referred to as addictions, are commonly co-occurring. In somewhat of a chicken or the egg debate, it is understood that personality disorders cause a greater risk for addiction, especially if they go untreated. Addiction can inspire the development of a personality disorder, however, a personality disorder isRead More

Why Is Mental Health Important for Leadership Positions?

It goes without saying that a leader’s mental health is what can really make an impact on the success of a company. Without adequate energy and motivation (key factors of mental health), a person is unable to perform their best – ultimately compromising the success of their decisions. If you’re a CEO or other upper-levelRead More

 What Signs Show Your Spouse has an Alcohol Problem?

When your spouse drinks too much alcohol and too often, he or she could be at risk of developing alcohol abuse or alcoholism. Some people have a genetic predisposition for becoming addicted to alcohol. Drinking alcohol can cause serious mental and physical health problems. Alcohol affects the brain and can lead to liver failure, heartRead More

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